Why Do People Forget Good Deeds?

 I can remember one woman who saved my son at a swimming pool. She kept saying it was no big deal and that it wasn’t my fault.  The life guard was saying we needed an ambulance, etc.  The woman said that was absurd, picked my son up, patted him on the back, some water came out and he was fine.  He had been able to cough.  But the life guard was making a scene.  I am sure plenty of adults didn’t thank him for blowing the whistle, trying to protect them and at times his having to tell them what to do.
I knew he was a teenage boy and was just trying to be important,.  Nevertheless, a crowd started to gather, and although I outwardly tried to remain calm as I was trying to tend to my son, and take care of my other 2 children, I was becoming flustered.  The woman had seen my son go down in the baby pool while my back was turned and ran over to get him.  I thanked her tremendously and then, lo and behold, the life guard came to “save the day.”
We had had some problems with some belligerent neighbors, who thought it would be get even time.  I felt so alone.  Thank God for that woman.  I don’t even know her name. I had another situation where a woman stepped up and helped me more than I can say and I don’t know her name either.  Finally, there was a nurse in an ER who shielded me, with her own body, from some angry patients, who had decided they wanted to go ahead of me. I’ve tried to thank everyone I could but sometimes I haven’t been able to. A lot can have to do with it all happening so quickly, but also the human mind can become overwhelmed with thankless situations,   It’s hard to remember all the good someone else has done.  So, if we forget other people’s acts of heroic charity, we can’t get upset when other people forget ours.