When You tell the Truth Ever Wish You Were Lying?

I just got lucky.  My dog was sleeping peacefully on the couch and the next thing I knew, I couldn’t find her.  I went upstairs and she was in my room and had been into my medicine bag.  She managed to get one jar of pills open that didn’t have a child resistant cap.    Fortunately, although the pills were all over the floor, it appears she didn’t eat them.  Since the pills would have caused her to have to take care of business, and she did not, I figured she was fine.
She has gone back to sleep now which is what I was trying to do, after having slept for only an 1 1/2 hours last night.
The majority of the pills I have are over the counter stuff, but the bag, with the blood pressure pills, was missing. After a brief search, I found them in the middle of my bed under my covers.  I realized I had tossed them up there myself while trying to make sure nothing else was missing while I scooped everything off the floor.
The staff at the doctor’s office has made mistakes, which I’ve had to correct more than once over the years. I had no choice but to respectfully but persistently argue my case.  Sadly, it can leave a bad taste in people’s mouths when you do advocate for yourself and you are proven right.
I won but it’s always been so hard.  Imagine  my trying to explain, “The dog got them & hid them.”  It would have been like, “the dog ate my homework” defense.   Thank God I found the bag of pills.  Nobody would have believed me.  Ever wish there were an accurate lie detector?  So many times in my life, so much has happened that no one would believe.  Thank God this time I won’t have to plead yet another case 🙂 To tell you the truth, it seems liars sometimes are more easily believed.

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