Don’t You Remember?

When someone has no control over a situation, they may blame themselves for what they did not do, especially when they are exhausted.  I remember talking to someone about a dangerous snow storm and how I helped someone get out of a snow drift by giving instructions over the phone.  The person was extremely afraid, and I somehow miraculously knew what to do when I had no idea how to drive in the snow…The entire time I was saying what happened, I kept telling myself “You’re lying.” “Why are you bragging like this?” When I got home, I asked the person, who I claimed I had rescued, about the snow storm, and he told me what I reported is precisely what happened. The exact opposite can occur. People can have memories of offenses they think they committed but never did. Sometimes they can realize hours later they are taking the blame for someone else in the past after a present day traumatic event. So many people are pledged to a code of silence. Please think twice when you hear someone confessed. That doesn’t always mean he or she did it. I’m not even talking about police intimidation.


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